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Grant Letter Example - 727 Words

I have received a letter signed by you and dated 22 August 2017 detailing your findings regarding concerns about my performance or conduct relating to the administration of grant programs. The letter was emailed to me by Ms Naomi Luck on 25 August 2017. I feel compelled to bring to your attention that information relied on in determining your findings is factually incorrect and furthermore pertinent information has not been considered. With regards to allegation 1. You found that there was sufficient time to have content approved between 23 November 2016, when Ms Andrews approved the recommended applicants and 13 January 2017. The date of approval is incorrect, Ms Andrews actually approved the recommended applicants on 23 December 2016,†¦show more content†¦I refer to the email approval from the Office of the Deputy Director-General (Attachment 3) provided as part of my original response. This relevant approval was not referred to in your findings. With regards to allegation 5. The request from Ms Andrews was to ‘hand over my corporate card and any and all hard copy reconciliations’. Whilst it is reasonable to consider that briefing notes and variations may be ‘documentation’ that support corporate card transactions they are not required to be provided as part of a reconciliation. All documentation required to reconcile the transactions was provided at the time of the request. In relation to choosing not to respond to the overall review conducted by PwC. I chose only to respond to the specific allegations raised in your letter as these were germane to the matters at hand. The key findings of this review are untrue casting doubt on the validity of the review as a whole. Also, despite being responsible for the design, development and delivery of the Home-based Business Grants Program, I had no involvement in the terms of reference of the review or in preparing the management responses to the findings. It would have been more appropriate to be engaged in the review during these processes than at this late stage. This was also a review in name only. This was effectively an investigation initiated in relation to specific actions, activities orShow MoreRelatedGeorge Mcclellan And Robert E. Lee1481 Words   |  6 PagesConfederate Army. Through letters written by these three leaders, Ulysses S. Grant, George McClellan and Robert E. Lee, it is evident that their opinions and strategies differed greatly. While Grant considered himself part of the army, Lee separated himself as a ruling commander. Grant’s humble nature and vast knowledge on war technique also made him a more efficient leader, compared to the egotistical George McClellan, another commander of the Union army. Ultimately, Grant and the union army won theRead MoreThe Postal Acceptance Rule Of Modern Communication Technologies1051 Words   |  5 Pagesnegotiating actors are deal in person, they do not confront the issue of delay or collapse of information transfer. If party B (usually offeree accepts the offer to party A by mai l, there is potential existence of a considerable delay in transfer of the letter between parties or even completely lost in the course of post. Adams v Lindsell was the case that faced with this problem and The Postal Acceptance Rule was emerged by this case. The rule asserts that the sender must have contemplated and designatedRead MoreTodays Postal Rule Application1430 Words   |  6 Pagespostal acceptance was effective as soon as it was posted even if the letter is delayed, destroyed or lost in the post and it never reaches the offeror. On 2nd September, the defendant wrote an offer selling goods to the plaintiff and asked a reply by post. On 5th September the plaintiff received the letter and sent his acceptance by post. However the defendant had sold the goods to a third party on the 8th September and received the letter of acceptance by the plaintiff on 9th September. It was held thatRead MoreWhat Is Probate?1397 Words   |  6 Pagesdid not have much money in their accoun t or owned a total sum of assets less than  £5,000, their bank or building society might be willing to release the funds without a grant. If there is a will – If there is a valid will and you have been named as the executor (or one of the executors) then you ll simply need to apply for a grant of probate, which you can do through your local Probate Registry office and by filling out application form PA1. The process will generally take between 3 and 5 weeks ifRead MoreSummary of Grant Writing for Dummies Overview Essay1264 Words   |  6 PagesPart I Setting the Stage with Grant Basics Chapter one helped clarify grant terminology that I may run into while conducting grant research and filling out grant applications. I found this useful because I now have a better understanding of what certain grants are looking for and the grant language that is needed. This chapter also helped me learn how to set up a plan for keeping track of the grants I am working on and helped set up the process. The second chapter goes over how to create andRead MoreRole Of Government Essay1614 Words   |  7 PagesThe role of government has developed throughout the years changing the way we view and act in society today. For example, the national government ensure that the citizens of the United States are all treated equally, applies law and order, and provides opportunities. The government has changed dramatically since we now have social media, newspapers, and the radio. However , not only has the government provided a strong impact in society in a positive way, but it has also impacted the society inRead MoreThe University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine1498 Words   |  6 Pagesproviding students with the opportunity to partake in research and internships. Agencies such as AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), AOA (Alpha omega alpha), or AAAAI (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma Immunology) are examples of agencies offering opportunities to students. The APDA (American Parkinson Disease Association) offers the Medical Student Summer Fellowship, enabling students with the opportunity to perform active supervised clinical research on the nature, manifestationRead MoreStereotyping And Stereotypes1560 Words   |  7 Pagesparticipants whether there are more words in the English language that start with the letter K or more words with the letter K as the third letter. There are more words with K as the third letter than there are words with K as the first letter, but participants declared the opposite. This is because it is easier to r etrieve words starting with the letter K than it is to retrieve words with K as the third letter. The retrieval of memories can also be affected by the process of reality monitoring.Read Moreltc328 letter to editor Essay681 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿ Letter to the Editor Sherry Grant LTC/328 January 27, 2014 Margaret Cultice Letter to the Editor Sherry Grant Val Idpoint January 24, 2014 Dear Editor, Your article pertaining to the crimes against the older population was thorough and well delivered. The elderly population is indeed becoming victimized on a larger scale than has been seen in the past. This increase is a result of the growing number of seniors living in society withRead MoreSavannah State University Hbcu1028 Words   |  5 Pagesstudents who are prepared to perform at higher levels of economic productivity, social responsibility, and excellence in their chosen career fields of endeavor in a changing global community. Savannah was established under the 1890 Land Grant Act. The Land Grant Act required states to provide educational training for black youth. Savannah State’s historical mission was to train black students to embrace all individuals aside from race, ethnicity, culture, or age. Savannah State University introduced

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How to Make a Glowing Flower

Use chemistry to make a real flower glow in the dark. Glowing Flower - Method #1 Test a highlighter pen to make sure it glows under black (fluorescent) light. Yellow is reliable, but some other colors glow brightly, too.Use a knife or saw to cut open the pen and expose the fibers which contain the ink. Remove the ink strip.Squeeze dye from the ink pad into a small amount of water.Trim the end of a flower so that it will be able to take up water. Place the flower in the water with the ink.Allow several hours for the flower to absorb the fluorescent ink. When the flower has taken in the ink its petals will glow under black light. Glowing Flower - Method #2 many flowersfluorescent light Pour some tonic water into a vase.Cut the end off of a flower so that it has a fresh surface.Allow several hours for the quinine to be incorporated into the petals of the flower.Turn on a black light and enjoy your flower. Glowing Flower - Method #3 Prepare glowing water using diet tonic water or any color of highlighter that you have established will glow under a black light. Its also possible to use thinned glowing paint.Find a glass or cup that is large enough to accomodate your flower. Fill this container with the glowing liquid.Invert the flower and immerse it in the liquid. Gently swish the flower around to dislodge any air bubbles, since areas with bubbles wont pick up the fluorescent or phosphorescent color.Allow your flower to absorb the dye. Just dipping the flower results in spotty coverage. If you want bright glowing flowers, allow the flowers to absorb the color directly into their petals for an hour or two. You can keep the stem of the flower hydrated by wrapping a bit of dampened paper towel around it.Remove the glowing flower from the liquid. You can place it in a vase filled with water or otherwise display it under a black light. Tips for Making a Glowing Flower White or pale flowers work much better than flowers with deeply colored petals. The pigment in the dark colored flowers blocks nearly all the glowing light.You need fresh healthy flowers. Flowers that are nearly dead wont drink the water and wont glow. Its possible you might be able to inject the ink directly into the flower head, but wouldnt you rather just use a fresh flower?Certain flowers work better than others. Carnations and daisies work better than roses. Basically any flower you can dye with food coloring works well for making a glowing flower. A Note About Glowing Chemicals how to make glowing flowers . If the videos involve giving the flowers a chemical that is already glowing or is fluorescent or phosphorescent under a black light, theres a good chance the instructions are legitimate. However, videos that call for you to mix unlikely chemicals like match heads and peroxide are a scam. Those chemicals will not make your flower glow. Dont be fooled!

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Media Reaction Free Essays

Modern technology and the advancement made in the communication department have a huge influence on the people in America. Over the past decade the effect media plays on the opinions of modern people has escalated. The invention of television and the Internet allowed news to travels around the globe at lightning speed. We will write a custom essay sample on Media Reaction or any similar topic only for you Order Now In most instances the sources of the information would report the facts the media believe people should hear. Wrong or bad information is often spread over the airways via radio, television, and the Internet.The media often plays a story many times, this replaying of the story reinforces in information in the minds of people, and helps shapes their opinion on many subjects. In this paper I will discuss the media reaction regarding the Arab and Muslim Americans since the September 11 attacks. I will discuss the historic framework and the political context of the issue. I will give my opinion about what message the article was attempting to portray, was the media coverage biased or unbiased and was the issue sensationalized or portrayed objectively.How might the media use a story to affect the perception of the issue, and does the media encourage or discourage prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping? I will also discuss how might the media coverage of this issue might affect the U. S. economy and labor force. The article I selected for this assignment is from the Detroit news titled Always Suspect: Local Arabs immigration. September 11, 2001 is a turning point in the lives of many people. On that day many Americans lost their lives and many were injured.That day also had a huge effect on the lives of many Arab and Muslim people living in the United States. The actions of a few changed the lives of many. The media also has a huge impact on how people would view the events of 911. The months that followed the incidence every news station and radio station reported on stories about terrorism, Arab people, or Muslim people was the focus of their attention and if the average person watched television this became the focus of their attention. The constant media coverage and speculation by the news stations was in part the cause of panic among the American people. Like so many others Arab and Muslim people came to America to seek a better life for their families. The Arab and Muslim people started migrating into the United States during the late 1800s and World War 1 and settled into the general population unnoticed by most of the American citizens. Arab and Muslim usually come to America to escape war or conflict in their native lands. The second large migration contained a large number of Muslims occurred at the close of World War II in the 1950s.The third wave of immigration into America was in the mid-1960 and the Arab and Muslim people continue to flee from their homelands to come to America up to this present day. Arab and Muslim people lived peacefully in the United States until the Arab-Israeli War in June 1967. This war caused the Arab oil embargo and the price of oil to quadruple. The politicians, political commentators and the media portrayed Arabs and Muslims as bloodthirsty terrorist and called them greedy oil sheiks brought unwanted and unfair criticism to all Arab and Muslim people living in America.The attack on September 11 has made the American people further mistrust the Arab and Muslim people. The incident has caused federal officials to use immigration laws as a weapon against the Arab people. Intense media coverage has caused the American people to discriminate against the Arab American. After the attack on September 11 the U. S. government has placed strict restrictions on immigrants. In an effort to prevent terrorist attacks many Arabs are under constant scrutiny. The police would place them under arrest and made to return to their native country.This article intended to shed some light on the unfair treatment of Arab and Muslim people living in America. This article was written with an objective outlook of the problem, and the reporter gave an unbiased report to the problem plaguing the Arab and Muslim people. The article discourages the practice of discrimination and prejudice against the Arab and Muslim people. The article also affects the public’s perception because most Americans do not think they discriminate or show prejudice against the Arab people. Many Americans did not realize that the Arab American was affected by stereotyping. The restrictions placed on the immigrants affect the United States economy because companies who usually recruit skilled people from the Middle East has cut the recruitment process because of tough immigration laws. Many colleges and universities report a decline in enrollment of new students because of the immigration process. The new immigrants were literate and unskilled but they also had an impact on the economy and the labor force in America through their work in the industrial factories and textile mills that were the backbone of the American economy.In conclusion the media has the ability the shape the way American think. The media usually replay news stories many times constantly reinforcing the information into the minds of the American people, and sometimes the reports are not accurate. The media plays an important role in how each group of people view other groups who are different. They have the power to bring out positive or negative reactions to a race of people trying to survive in America. The media contributes to the discrimination and prejudice shown toward Arab and Muslim people.The Arab and Muslim people have a long history in America from the late 1800s to the present- day they are a part of American history. They help to shape the economy of this country by their knowledge and work ethics. Like any other race of people living in America they want to live in peace without discrimination, prejudice, and fear.References Schaefer, Richard T. (2009). Racial and Ethnic Groups (12th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall. Krupa, Gregg Bebow, John (November 3, 2003). The Detroit News: Local Arabs Immigration (Immigration Crackdown Snares Arabs) How to cite Media Reaction, Papers

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Business Capstone Project Responsibility

Question: Discuss about the Business Capstone Project Responsibility. Answer: Introduction The investigation introduced in the paper highlights the importance of product market based on money spent on packaging (size, labelling, color material and design) and the way it has been constitutes to be one of the components in the customer perception. Nevertheless, there has been effective contribution towards the quality packaging of the product that further adds weight to the research. Moreover, investment done on packaging can be analyzed based on the Australian supermarkets Coles and ALDI and the way it had been supporting in decision making of buying milk products from the store. Customer Perception on Packaging Packaging is the process of evaluation through design, distribution, labelling, and colour that helps in giving a pretty face to the customers view so that it can attempt to attract customers attention to motivate the products consumption. However, packaging remains to be incomplete if there is no design, style, colour, shape or the material used, as they are deemed appealing to the customers irrespective of the choices made by them. On the other hand, appearance of the product not only adds to be the means of communication for the brand but also helps in conveying brand meaning to the customers (Schleenbecker and Hamm 2013). There are several ways that product designs influence consumer preference. The design of a product determines consumers first impression of the product and quickly can communicate product advantage. In addition, the design of a product will generate consumer inferences regarding several product attributes. Furthermore, the product or package appearance can reinforce the image of a brand, as the identity of a brand is expressed visually in the appearance of products (Riley, Martins da Silva and Behr 2015). Although, there are large individual and time-specific differences in the experience of colour and form, there are certain associations that seem to be relatively constant. Overviews of the influence of colour and form on consumer perception of symbolic value (and ergonomic and aesthetic value as well). For example, angular forms are associated with masculinity and dynamism, while roundness evokes femininity and softness (Raheem, Vishnu and Ahmed 2014). On the other hand, when it comes to milk products, the packaging needs to be soothing as well as feminine such that with a picture of cow with white background can be comforting to eyes as well as eye catching. However, the packaging concept in milk should be regular and not so fancy because they are obtained from natural plants (Okenwa 2016). Moreover, labelling of the pack should be highlighting more on nutrient balance, amount per saving and ingredients. Aldi and Coles, being one of the top retail stores in Australia wish to see their product shelved and making profit. Although, initially, the profit might be cut but later the same process will lead to more sales. Conversely, the use of sale packaging according to customer perception held to be of relevant factors in optimization. This is because from an environment as well as economical perspective, though its a costly venture but primary research showed that needs of customers for products like milk and baby care products can only be satisfied based on performance, reliability and packaging (Alvarez et al. 2016). Accordingly, it can be said that, packaging even constitute to be an important aspects that Coles and Aldi should focus on as it adds value to customer perception. In addition, shape, size, design and colour needs to be maintained so that the customers remain inclined towards a product like milk which can be added value through consistency. Packaging Adds Quality and Value Milk/food packaging is the holder that holds, secures, saves and distinguishes the item, and which likewise encourages capacity and commercialization. Packaging likewise assumes a noteworthy part in drawing in customer consideration and affecting shopper buy choices. Concerning, current packaging market, bundling gives sustenance organizations the last opportunity to convince customers to purchase the item before brand choice. Along these lines, all bundling components must be consolidated to pull in the shopper when acquiring the product. However, the quality in packaging is perceived on two views- first is perceived quality and the second is objective quality. Perceived quality is different from actual reality as it is a higher level of abstraction than a particular attribute towards the products. As a result, the judgement is only made based on the consumer suggested set. The perceived quality differs from objective quality but it not only helps in adding ideal standards but it also helps in analysing the packaged goods based on technical and manufacturing based quality. However, when it comes to sensitive products like baby care and milk products, the superiority and excellence of material attracts the consumer while paying more attention to the concept health (Jhandir 2012). The perceived quality component can be explained with the specific and intrinsic attributes to infer as well as indicate quality that not only sustains to higher level of abstract dimensions but also generalizes to quality of products. Figure: Perceived Quality Component Source: (Akdeniz, Calantone and Voorhees 2013) When we analysed the Total Food Quality Model the health dimension not only adds to the perceived quality of the product but also helps the customers in decision-making. According to (), TFQM integrates the multi-featured and the various levelled ways to deal with quality recognition. In addition, it incorporates two other real components of shopper conduct in milk products and organic products, in particular the aim to buy, as a trade-off between give and take segments and the clarification of customer fulfilment, as the variation amongst experienced and expected quality (Yin et al. 2016). The following diagram that studies the basic outline of before purchase can be given as under. Figure: Total Food Quality Model Source: (Grunert 2005) The model accordingly incorporates rationale or worth satisfaction, the way satisfaction of the customers adds to the accomplishment of coveted outcomes and qualities. External/ Outward cues, for example, label and information create assumptions about uncommonly high eating quality; precisely, giving the customer a sentiment extravagance and delight of life. The qualities looked for by buyers will not only affect quality measurements that are looked for but also studies the changed cues that could be seen and addressed. The grouping from prompts/cues, through quality increases the buy intentions based on the hierarchy of progressively theoretical intellectual order (Beneke et al. 2013). The packaging ultimately adds and signifies the overall features as well as uniqueness and originality to the sensory evaluation of milk products that help in brand preferences and communicates favourable as well as implied meaning of the product (Drake et al. 2009). When it comes to milk products, it is important that the nutritional value of the product is added highlighting good quality protein, easily digestible fat, source of iron and vitamin with calcium. Although, package labelling constitutes to be the sense of seeing that adds additional value. Moreover, sales of the packaging can only be increased by shelf impact, band imagery and functional and satisfaction after using the product (Young 2016). Accordingly, packaging helps in increasing sales of the product majorly, through its size and design and the way customer perceive it quality to be after going through the facts stated through labelling. In addition, it links to business value as an evidence while documenting shoppers decision. The sales helps on the impact of preference as well as competition in the market because Coles and Aldi are competitors justifying their packaging through price while ensuring market share at the same time. On the other hand, foster packaging innovation will lead to commitment and process while assessing new concepts in the marketing world. Corporate Social Responsibility and Packaging Corporate Social Responsibility ensures sustainability because of its corporate philanthropic nature tha not only directly benefits the shareholders but also in building brand imaging. CSR portrays the degree to which authoritative results are steady with societal qualities and desires. At its grass roots, being socially mindful has been a worry especially related to the justification that organizations will probably do well in a thriving society than in one that is going into disrepair (Gurung 2013). In todays competitive marketplace, packaging with the organization guarantees economic profitability. However, to operate in the healthy society, it is important that the resources emphasized to the product offerings are not harmful and are not discontinued in the environment such that company can emphasise environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging materials (Sparks, Perkins and Buckley 2013). On the other hand, when it comes to packaging, full disclosure about materials as well as origin is important to meet the practices of reporting and meeting the goals. Packaging is the only basis through which the organization depicts its CSR to the customers. Product bundling has the capacity that fits for CSR messages, since it permits purchasers to show their backing of capable organizations to themselves as well as other people, and the data is promptly accessible to them. Besides, the significance of packaging as a promoting tool is progressively recognized, since it empowers promoting communication to happen in the genuine acquiring circumstance and it accompanies with the buyers into their homes (Pedersen 2013). The basic functions of packaging holds to be true for protection, preservation, facilitating distribution, promoting customer choice as well as consumer convenience. This form of marketing communication of CSR through packaging is unique because it not only enforces the purchase decision but also adds value to the product every time it is used. As per the list, it is important that environmental and health consciousness can likely occur on packages which can be considered as a value driven package consideration for environment and social causes. However, CSR can be beneficial to packaging through the elements of packaging influencing consumers purchase behaviour (Kuvykaite, Dovaliene and Navickiene 2015). Figure: Elements of Package and Consumers Purchase Behaviour Source: (Kuvykaite, Dovaliene and Navickiene 2015) However, when analysed on milk products, a brand logo that depicts a cow with a pleasing punch line as well as visual representation of environmentally checked product can not only receive environmental friendly process but also signifies a colour and size that looks fit for the kids. Moreover, milk products also employs labelling to convey CSR on the package and represent the product as responsibly manufactured which can be used while ensuring sustainability standards (Deselnicu, Costanigro and Thilmany 2012). Accordingly, the Corporate Social Responsibility and packaging labelling and design not only adds to the customers value but also ensures that the product is safe and secure. However, Aldi and Coles should also depicts their CSR through Products as external practices may be visible but internal practices can attract and retain the customers in the long run. Packaging Expenditure and Consumer Brand Preference The brand preference and packaging expenditure are moreover a relationship that is negatively influenced in a way that as the brand preference increases, the organization can lessen its expense on packaging while lowering expenditure. On the other hand, brand preference is assumed to be beneficial only when the product is recognized in the market and the customers are known to the alternatives. However, it is important that buying decision making should be observed based on the impact of change that is significant on consumer perception, needs and tests, while additionally, adding products that are manufactured as well as changed on their subsequent positioning. Although, these changes have influenced consumer awareness but also have increased demand for products leading to expenditure in packaging depending on the consumer choices (Ahaiwe and Ndubuisi 2015). Conclusion To conclude, it can be said that packaging holds to have equal important that any other marketing strategy used in the products. However, organizations need to adapt to different methods of packaging that not only increases the product sales but at the same time increase the corporate social responsibility of the product. Moreover, the packaging expenditure needs to be initially invested to shelf the product but later once the brand preference increases, the packaging expenditure can be less and the changing can be made in the process of innovation. References Ahaiwe, E.O. and Ndubuisi, U., 2015. The Effect Of Packaging Characteristics On Brand Preference For Cosmetics Products In Abia State, Nigeria.British Journal of Marketing Studies,3(8), pp.79-90. Akdeniz, B., Calantone, R.J. and Voorhees, C.M., 2013. Effectiveness of marketing cues on consumer perceptions of quality: The moderating roles of brand reputation and thirdà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ party information.Psychology Marketing,30(1), pp.76-89. Alvarez, A., Garca-Cornejo, B., Prez-Mndezà ¢Ã¢â‚¬ËœÃ‚  c, J.A. and Roibs, D., 2016. Diversification in Spanish Dairy Farms: Key Drivers of Performance.EEvery Generation Needs Its Leaders., p.163. Beneke, J., Flynn, R., Greig, T. and Mukaiwa, M., 2013. The influence of perceived product quality, relative price and risk on customer value and willingness to buy: a study of private label merchandise.Journal of Product Brand Management,22(3), pp.218-228. Deselnicu, O., Costanigro, M. and Thilmany, D., 2012. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Consumer Preferences in the Dairy Industry. In2012 Annual Meeting, August 12-14, 2012, Seattle, Washington(No. 124616). Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. Drake, M.A., Drake, S., Clark, S., Costello, M., Drake, M. and Bodyfelt, F., 2009. The Sensory Evaluation of dairy products. Grunert, K.G., 2005. Food quality and safety: consumer perception and demand.European Review of Agricultural Economics,32(3), pp.369-391. Gurung, R., 2013. The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives and Customer Centric Initiatives on Customers. Jhandir, S.U., 2012. Customer satisfaction, perceived service quality and mediating role of perceived value.International Journal of Marketing Studies,4(1). Kuvykaite, R., Dovaliene, A. and Navickiene, L., 2015. Impact of package elements on consumers purchase decision.Economics and Management, (14), pp.441-447. Okenwa, N.J., 2016.Consumer Acceptance of Made in Nigeria Packaged Food Products in Enugu (A Study of Packaged Cosmetics and Food Products)(Doctoral dissertation). Pedersen, A. 2013.CSR Communication via Product Packaging: A General Discussion and an analysis of Innocent Drinks. Available at:,%20June%2010 [Accessed 15 Sep. 2016]. Raheem, A.R., Vishnu, P. and Ahmed, A.M., 2014. Impact of product packaging on consumers buying behavior.European Journal of Scientific Research,120(2), pp.145-157. Riley, D., Martins da Silva, P. and Behr, S., 2015. The impact of packaging design on health product perceptions. Schleenbecker, R. and Hamm, U., 2013. Consumers perception of organic product characteristics. A review.Appetite,71, pp.420-429. Sparks, B.A., Perkins, H.E. and Buckley, R., 2013. Online travel reviews as persuasive communication: The effects of content type, source, and certification logos on consumer behavior.Tourism Management,39, pp.1-9. Yin, S., Chen, M., Chen, Y., Xu, Y., Zou, Z. and Wang, Y., 2016. Consumer trust in organic milk of different brands: the role of Chinese organic label.British Food Journal,118(7). Young, S. 2016.Documenting the "Business Value" of New Packaging Innovations - Perception Research Services International. Available at: [Accessed 15 Sep. 2016].

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Igbo Marriage Essay Example

Igbo Marriage Paper The Igbo people have a certain process which the follow to have a marriage within their ways. There is a certain standard and procedure to go through to have a wedding. A lot is very customary within the marriage as a whole. I have found out the tradition and ceremony of marriage by researching the topic Igbo Marriage. During my research I found five sources that include web articles and, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Marriage in the Igbo tribe is very great.A marriage is not held between a man and a woman, but between the families of both, sometimes even between clans or villages. Before even proposing, the groom’s family searches for the right partner for him. His family will investigate the girl’s family. According to a web article called â€Å"Igbo Traditional Marriage† by Chris Chiwetelu, â€Å"The investigation will dig into the background of members of the girl’s family going as far back as possible, looking for any incidents of recurring dis eases, abominable acts, and problems with bearing children, insubordination or other marital problems†.After the investigation is done, the groom’s family approaches the bride’s family compound. When the groom goes to let known that he is interested in the other family’s daughter, he brings a small group of family. They present the bride’s family with gifts such as, kola nuts and small amounts of palm wine. If the bride accepts, the groom and his entourage will come back to her compound to acquire a â€Å"bride price†. Coming up with a â€Å"bride price† is derived as, â€Å"determining the value of a wife to a man† in the same article â€Å"Igbo Traditional Marriage†.Broom sticks are used to represent money. The bride’s family will come up with a huge bundle of broom sticks, and the groom’s family will take them into consideration but, come up with a counter offer of much less broom sticks. The families go back and forth until a price is reached, which also comes along with the groom agreeing to treat the bride well, not over abusing her or her children. The Igba Nkwu ceremony is the actual wedding ceremony. The wedding takes place at the bride’s compound. Several hundreds and even thousands of people show up to the ceremony.The grooms family must give the bride’s family, gifts like, kola nuts, palm wine, heads of tobacco, snuff, cloths, jewelry, etc. The bride’s family prepares all of the food for the ceremony. The bride and her maids do a dance around the compound while the in-laws throw money at them as gifts. The final ceremony is a church wedding. This time the groom’s family is responsible for all of the preparation. The next morning the bride is supposed to wake up early and sweep the groom’s family’s entire compound.It is tradition and, other women married in the family join along. The bride returns home to her family’s compound for about 3 days, and then returns to her new husband. As the marriage continues, each partner gets to know each other better. Some husbands may get married several more times. Divorce is not common in the Igbo people, marriage is very important to them. Following these procedures, the Igbo tribe takes their marriage ceremonies very seriously. From the bride price, to the compound sweeping, everything is done in order.

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Philosphoical needs essays

Philosphoical needs essays Endangered species are living organisms whose population are significantly reduced and are threatened to the point of extinction. Many interventions have taken place since then to help the few attempt to regain their numbers of animals. Thousands of species are included in this category, not to mention plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. What would this world come to if no one cared for such scarce breed that was dying off? It can have many damaging effects to the environment. Millions of years before humans, the extinction of organisms was linked to the climate and geological patterns, which made main alternation of the environment. Environmental change is still the primary cause of the extinction of animals, but now the changes have greatly accelerated by human interaction. A few examples include land for farming, lumbering, mining, building dams, and draining wetlands. In any case, they all alter the environment extensively that ecosystems may be completely destroyed, ruining the food chain. Minnesota is home to many mammals, plants, and birds. According to Minnesotas Department of Natural Resources, there are many specimens on the endangered, threatened, and special concerned list. With over half being plants, there are many more added each year. In particular, the gray wolf is on the threatened list. With wolves being perceived as a threat to people, especially children, the animal usually poses little danger to humans. The increase in the number and distribution of wolves in Minnesota over the past two decades has resulted in more wolves living near people than any other time in Minnesotas history. Another debate is the managing of wolves would be to alleviate predation on Minnesotas deer herds. In addition, the issue of wolves killing deer has been a hot topic in Northern Minnesota and was used to justify wolf bounty. Based on data collected from Minnesota DNRs1997-98, an estimate of ...

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

How does mediation prevent, manage, and resolve international conflict Thesis

How does mediation prevent, manage, and resolve international conflict - Thesis Example to bring peace and security to different nations and diminishing the threats imposed on international security by bridging the gap between conflicting parties through mutual settlement and negotiation. Intractable international disputes have always been there with us and have been posing threats to international peace and security. More than this, they lead to continuous wars, violence and numerous deaths from time to time. International stability is always at stake owing to these conflicts that do not have a solution to them and where none of the disputants are willing to compromise to reach a settlement. It’s very difficult to find a solution to such intractable disputes since they go on for a long period with negotiations almost impossible. However, in such cases, mediation is a tool which can bring down the effect of the escalating disputes and its consequences including violence, war and deaths to a lower count. â€Å"It offers the prospect of escaping the dilemmas of intractability†. (Bercovitch 2004) Mediation is a process in which a third party neutral helps in resolving a dispute between two or more other parties. The role of the mediator is to facilitate and assist the parties in working out what the real issues of dispute are, allowing communication between them and other things that meet the interest of the parties by finding a solution to their dispute. (Honeyman, Yawanarajah, 2003) The paper finds out the different types of mediation; the role played by a mediator in bridging the gap between two parties involved in the dispute; the purpose of mediation in international conflicts; the loopholes that arise due to mediators losing humanitarian values and the ways of enhancing effectiveness of mediation. It has clearly pointed out the nations undergoing intractable disputes in the 70’s and 80’s and the number of deaths arising due to the parties not reaching any settlement. A case study of African civil wars also brings to the fore that